Licensed Pilots

Qualified pilots with at least an airplane single-engine land (ASEL) certificate, current medical, and flight currency per FAA regulations can rent our aircraft for their personal use after a check-out by an approved flight instructor.

The check-out process includes a quiz of operating manual basics, ground instruction, and a short flight with an approved instructor to demonstrate proficiency and understanding of the aircraft. Before departure, pilots must also complete a rental agreement and show proof of renters insurance, which is outlined in the rental agreement.

Student Pilots

Students are welcome and we can refer you to one of our approved flight instructors, or have your flight instructor contact us about using our aircraft.

Scheduling System

Once you have obtained all your required materials, you will login to the scheduling system (currently under development) and schedule your flight lessons at your convenience. How often you fly will determine how quickly you get your license. Most of our clients schedule their flight lessons about 2 times per week with study time in-between flights. Students who follow this schedule generally complete their flight training in about 4-6 months.